We’re All Hypocrites. Some Worse Than Others

Eric Forseth
5 min readOct 15, 2020

Earlier this week I got a mailer from the Republican Party of Minnesota. On the cover it read, “You Don’t Know Joe.” Then on the inside it told me that Biden ran for president in 1987 but dropped out because he caught heat for plagiarizing a speech. Then he ran again in 2007 but dropped out because he said something in a debate that was racist. Then it said something that he said in this election cycle that didn’t really make sense. I think it was saying he was racist again. Then on the back fold it told me that (because of these things) I can’t let Joe Biden become out president.

It’s funny to me that they chose to go after Biden for plagiarizing a speech 33 years ago—like when Melania mimicked Michelle Obama’s speech a few years back. It’s also funny that they’d key in on a few racist things Biden has said, likely, unintentionally—unlike Trump’s long history of actual, aggressive racism.

Today I got a mailer from the same MN GOP that misquoted Joe Biden saying, “If I were president I would roll back the reopening of schools.” 1. It’s October and schools have either opened or are doing remote learning. 2. Trump’s failure throughout this pandemic is the reason why we’re where we are. 3. I Googled that line and didn’t find it (but I did find this). And the mailer said nothing about what Trump would do if he were president—wait, he is president and he’s done nothing except prove that even the most protected and insulated person in this country can contract this virus if he’s incompetent enough (which, he is).

How can these people, the Minnesota Republican Party, not know how laughable they are for sending something so hypocritical out in the mail. How blind and dense do you have to be to think that you can ship something like that to people’s houses and not be taken as a joke?

Oh, the hypocrisy. Oh, how I hate it.

Modern Republicans have to be the worst offenders for a number of reasons. Many of things they accuse Democrats of, they do. Like, rig elections, or the things mentioned in this video from the RNC where Republicans tried to convince the population that Biden is bad for America. The most laughable moment came when Melania “Ugh, Christmas is The Worst” Trump said that this country needs an honest leader (aka Donald). Ha! Her husband lies more than P.T. Barnum. In 2020, Republicans trying to say that Joe Biden is corrupt, dishonest, dangerous or anything else is insane considering the level of monster that…

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