Ben Sasse!

Eric Forseth
4 min readOct 16, 2020

There’s this guy I know in Wisconsin. He’s a pretty good person, we’ve broke bread together, I worked for him for a while. He owns a baseball team in La Crosse, is my best friend’s uncle and all totaled I’ve known him for about 20 years.

He’s a Republican and he’s running for a Senate seat this November.

I’m not on Facebook, per se. But I do have an account because I tried to sell my truck on Marketplace. Out of curiosity, I logged on one day a few weeks ago and checked his Facebook page and there he was, standing by the Trump Bus. Then in another picture he was planting his yard signs into earth right next to the signs that read Trump/Pence with a big smile on his face.

Ever since Trump took office, I’ve been waiting for Republicans (many, a handful, a dozen, whatever) to say, “This is ridiculous, what have we done! What a mistake. This guy is a train wreck and a terrible person almost every. single. day. Sorry, America!” But they don’t. Why? Because Trump is vindictive. When crossed, by anyone, he retaliates with the scorn of a crazy ex-lover. It’s one of the things he’s good at.

Last night, Donald tap danced around questions and said the kind of things that would get a server fired at the Olive Garden, but for the most part, Republicans don’t care what Trump says or does. Which is really pretty unbelievable. But they don’t. I wrote an email to the guy running for the Senate seat in Wisconsin and asked him how he can side with Trump. After all we’ve witnessed in the last four years (and throughout Trump’s life) how can this nice, hard-working, evangelical guy stand next to what is obviously evil and give a thumbs up?

In my email I told him I was hoping that someone, along with Mitt Romney of course, could stand up for what’s right. Take off the partisan blinders and be honest about what a stain Drumpf is on the underwear of America. He wrote back and asked if we could talk. “Sure!” I said. So we did.

On the call, he told me a few things. Some of which made sense. Some of which was language from a politician. He told me he trusts Mike Pence because he is an honorable man. He also told me that he’s taking Trump day by day (as if decades of misdeeds and immorality aren’t enough). And he told me that Democrats in Hollywood are pedophiles. Whoa! I asked for more verification. He couldn’t give any but told me to keep an eye on the news. Whoa! I told him I hate conspiracy theories. We haven’t talked since.

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