Tin roof rusted shack photo courtesy of Ekrulila / pexels

Entire Shack
Find a Chrysler, as big as a whale and set sail. Find a Chrysler that seats about twenty. The entire Love Shack is yours! Just hurry up and bring your jukebox money—because there’s a jukebox.

Enhanced Clean
There’s glitter on the mattress, glitter on the front porch and glitter…

photo cred: Kelly Sikkema

A child is born and a man wearing a Winona State University t-shirt holds the wee babe to his chest. He is happy, looks around the room with gratitude in his heart. The baby has questions.

“Hey, wait. Why aren’t you Tom Brady?”

“Oh, hello. I don’t know, daughter. I’m…

I want all my friends, family members and people in my community (and far beyond) to do well. I want all the boats around me to float. And you probably do too if you’re a decent enough humanoid.

But a lot of people have a hard time with that and…

When I was 20 I thought I’d be married by 25, have a college degree, a job I liked and maybe a kid or two. Maybe a cool car. A nice house. I thought every weekend would be exciting, most nights would be enjoyable and the rest of my existence…

Choosing friends or maintaining relationships with anyone based on who they vote for isn’t great practice. In my life, I’ve tried not to do that. It’s felt pointless—especially when I know that the person they vote for doesn’t typically matter all that much.

Except when my co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors and…

Luther is a small, parochial high school and in the late ’90s, if a student didn’t show interest in becoming a pastor or teacher, the staff didn’t seem overly concerned with helping people figure out what to do. The only piece of advice I got from a superior came from…

Eric Forseth

Eric lives in Minneapolis with three ladies. One is an adult. One is a baby. The other, a dog.

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